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Smolt & Co Z1000 V2
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Electric scooters Smolt & Co Z1000 V2 of the brand SMOLT AND CO

The Z1000 is a unique model in France with a design that you will not find anywhere else. Developed by Smolt & Co, it is intended for thrill-seekers and users looking for comfort and safety. Smolt & Co offers a reliable and robust electric scooter by offering a responsive, responsive service with a high level of expertise

Its high-end equipment makes it a gem of technology. With a 1000-watt motor on the 10-inch rear wheel and a large 48-volt battery, it is full of vitamins and generosity.

Power and autonomy are at the rendezvous: reach nearly 45 km / h in sport mode and a maximum distance of 70 km in eco mode. It adapts to all driving styles with the look of a sports car offering unparalleled driving comfort.



A beautiful autonomy

Assembly with the best LG 2600 accumulators, their quality allows a low self-discharge. Made of lithium, it is compact and lightweight. This battery has no memory effect: the amount of energy restored does not decrease over time.

The total power it delivers is 624 watts. 13Ah is its ability to hold the load in time and 48V is the voltage delivered by the battery. As a result, it can restore 13 amps in one hour or 1 ampere for thirteen hours.

The Z1000 offers excellent autonomy, which differs according to the modes used, which we will detail later. Drive up to 70 km in eco mode, 45 km in normal mode, and 25 km in sport mode. Recharged between 4 and 6am, she is not too greedy in energy and fits appropriately in sport mode. The battery cycles vary between 1000 and 1200 depending on its use.

The battery indicator appears on the LCD screen on your handlebars. When the last quarter is reached, the remaining capacity is about 20%.


A scooter that has recovery

Its 1000-watt brushless motor is one of the highlights of the Z1000. He has recovery and surprises with his responsiveness. Located in the rear wheel, it is compact and very quiet for the performance it delivers. She has an impressive couple for her size.

Tested by our team, the speed announced by the meter is reliable and real.

In support of the trigger, the acceleration is straightforward without being brutal. It's a generous scooter in his effort. Its speed is very suitable in the ribs up to 30% thanks to the powerful torque of its engine. In sport mode, reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h and experience new sensations.

Opt for cruise control on long straight lines. It engages automatically at constant speed without the need to keep your finger on the accelerator. It cuts by a simple braking or a trigger.



Aviation aluminum offers high mechanical strength. It is a safe bet: it avoids corrosion and does not deteriorate with temperature differences. Thanks to its low density, the Z1000 remains light for the performances it delivers.

The satin powder coating is scratch resistant and gives a matte appearance to this scooter. Unlike most other models in its class, its design increases its life.



Shock absorbers for all tests

The Z1000 is equipped with spring suspensions at the front as well as at the rear. They allow a good absorption of the irregularities of the surfaces, and filters well the shocks. In addition, they protect the mechanical parts and reduce the impact on the scooter. Technically, they require little maintenance.

You will enjoy a great flexibility of driving, the wheels being permanently in contact with the ground. Its suspensions are ideal for overcoming obstacles or sidewalks. They are also an asset on bumpy or dented roads so you do not force on your arms.


Custom tires

The tires of this electric scooter have been ideally designed for all driving, sporting or softer, and allow you a good absorption of roughness of the road.

Get 10-inch inflatable tires on the front and rear. The recommended pressure is between 2.8 and 3.4 bar. However, for maximum autonomy and performance, and to avoid the risk of tire punctures or abnormal tire wear, choose a pressure of 3.4 bar.

Its thickness of gum allows it to be very resistant and to well tackle the irregular roads with or without hollows and depressions. Its tires adhere perfectly to the road even in tight turns.

This excellent handling allows you to drive with confidence.



Undeniably, this is one of the strong points of the Z1000. With its front and rear disc brakes, a few meters are enough to stop at full speed. This is a feat that the user could not do on a device that reaches 45 km / h.

With its engine power shutdown system, it provides all the security sought. It is a progressive braking but not brutal, whose distance is very short during emergency braking.

The braking power is impressive while remaining controllable.

In addition, the LED lights are powerful and inform you of your presence. Their range secures your driving when the brightness is reduced. To see and be seen is a golden rule of safety to which this scooter responds perfectly.



Unique design

Its name is not anecdotal, the Z1000 is a reflection of the position when you pilot it. Its adjustable handlebar allows an offset angle forward so you do not have to stand too far back.

Moreover, she does not look like any other! Unique and sophisticated, it looks like a big one. Its black and gold finishes are perfect for a touch of modernity. With its powerful LED lights, visibility is maximum. Its front lights located on each side of the platform, are round and light up several meters. Its rear light is constantly on and illuminated like a brake light during braking.


A wide deck that fits all

It adopts an extended deck, design and offering all the necessary comfort. The user adopts the attitude he prefers: everyone has his favorite position on the platform: on the side, feet parallel, one foot behind the other stalled on the rear mudguard ...

With its grip, your feet will be stable when cornering or passing obstacles, it supports up to 150 kg.


A smart handlebar

Whatever your size, it offers a two-level adjustable height column. For users measuring less than 1m75 or sitting, the first notch is recommended. Beyond that, we recommend the second level so as not to force for driving the scooter.

The handles fixed by a wide golden nut do not vibrate during its use and our tests have shown that they do not unscrew either. You will have a good grip with the eraser provided for this purpose to reach the accelerator which is, intuitively, in the extension of your fingers.


An effortless folding system

The folding and unfolding of the electric scooter is done in a kick with a golden pedal located on the deck. The system is easy and hyper-flexible. Everyone can fold it without effort. In addition, with its retractable handles, it is super compact to store in a trunk of car, camper or boat.

It is so practical that you will not be able to do without it!



A complete dashboard

The LCD screen attached to the handlebars of the Z1000 is your dashboard. You can adjust your speed via three modes:

Mode 1 or eco that caps the speed at 15 km / h with a gentle and progressive acceleration.

Mode 2 or normal with a maximum speed of 25 km / h. The acceleration is more obvious and sensitive without being abrupt.

Mode 3 or sport with its top speed of 45 km / h reached in a few seconds.

It displays a complete set of information:

Speed ​​by a counter whose accuracy has been tested by our team.

Total mileage

The mileage of the last trip


The lighting of your LED lights


Safety and comfort

Everything has been designed to make your journey safe. During its use, you will appreciate its handles and its silicone brake levers that bring you comfort and stability over long distances.

Warn of your presence or arrival with the horn on the handlebars and use the convenient side stand to park without unbalancing.


Cruise control

Cruise Control activates automatically when you are at a constant speed for 30 seconds. You can take your finger off the accelerator and enjoy the ride. It is deactivated with the first braking or by simply pressing the trigger.


Convenient USB port

Located at the top of the column under an extra flexible plastic protection, it can charge its mobile or any multimedia device with this connection.

To remain safe and ride safely when connected, it is advisable to bring the phone holder to fix on the handlebars.

Seat and accessories of the Z1000 as the phone holder are not included, but can be ordered separately but the manpower for fixing the saddle is offered!



Smolt & Co is a French brand with a workshop and a stock of spare parts in France offering excellent responsiveness.

All components have been chosen to guarantee quality and reliability. They are controlled by our on-site quality department at each production output.

With the Z1000 and unlike all competing models, we give you a big advantage for punctures. Replacing an inner tube on a front wheel is easy because there is no connection that prevents it from being disassembled quickly. On the other hand, on the rear wheel the motor connection is a disadvantage that is time consuming and requires the dismantling of many components. On the Z1000, an easily accessible waterproof connection makes it possible to replace the air chamber as quickly as before.

Your product is guaranteed 2 years out of wear parts and the service is assured by our services.

A unique design and a scooter that breathes originality. A solid and reliable design, especially designed for your safety. Breathtaking performances at nearly 45 km / h. A braking system and suspensions that bring flexibility to his driving. The Z1000 is more than an electric scooter, it's a lifestyle!


Official Distributor!

InRevolta is the official distributor of the Z1000 electric scooter throughout the Benelux!


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Rating 5 out of 5 on the website lesnumeriques.com

Rating of 4.8 out of 5 on 01.net


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Thought and designed by Smolt & Co, the Z1000 offers its second version. Its principle is simple, it is an improved version of the Z1000. His difference? it is brought by the kit V2. It was made and imagined by the technical team to cope with all weather conditions. With the Z1000 V2, no need to ask questions, ride in all weathers!

On dry or wet roads, move and perform with this reliable and powerful racing car. Defy the laws of gravity and get out at full speed by testing this superior level of water protection offered by the V2 kit. With its reinforced design and studied to protect the components of the deck, the Z1000 V2 is versatile and surprising by its level of tightness and strength.


The V2 kit

The Z1000 V2 has three major evolutions completely thought and manufactured by Smolt & Co: two pieces inside your deck, and a reinforcement of the seal of its hatch.

The kit V2 proposes, at the front of the deck, a plate reinforced by a joint for a better sealing. In addition, an empty cavity in front of it has a bore for instantaneous discharge of the water in full use. Whatever your speed and weather, water can not seep

At the rear, the design of the room has a hollow in which is nestled a waterproof gel that comes to protect the cables but also create a hermetic obstacle, resistant to high heat and water infiltration.

These two parts, fixed by an automotive seal perfectly preserve the battery and the controller whose seal of the hatch has also been reinforced to avoid any intrusion of material.


A Z1000 V2 for everyday use

The Z1000 V1 is a road whose pleasure is multiplied on road or dry road. It can chained the miles, and nothing scares it. However, unlike the Z1000 V2, it only requires "leisure" use.

With its built-in V2 kit, the Z1000 V2 retains a devastating look and revolutionizes the world of micro-mobility: ride in all weathers, with light or heavy rain, with components that shelter in a totally waterproof deck.



She accompanies you in all weathers

The Z1000 V2, unlike its younger sister, offers more comfort in your daily commutes, since it can be used all year, summer and winter.

It is a sportswoman who is resistant to extreme conditions and clearly displays, after tests performed by the technical team, excellent sealing results.

As a result, its higher water protection level than the Z1000 V1 is an asset for daily use on wet or wet roads. Under these circumstances, it loses nothing of its power that offers its rear engine of 10,000 watts.

The Z1000 V2 is therefore talking about her by its versatility, offering a larger panel of outputs.



A team mobilized to offer you the best

Developed, tested and proven by the Smolt & Co team, the idea of ​​changing the initial version of the Z1000 was born from the consideration of the needs and feedback of our users.

Many people use the electric scooter to join their work. Their desires and their satisfaction are our priority.

They now have a racing car that can face all the conditions and be used every day without restriction of use.


The Z1000 V2 is versatile combined with a power that will surprise you. Its integrated V2 kit guarantees superior protection against water. Test your recovery on wet or wet roads! Smolt and Co has designed the best for you.

Xavier le pashtoune


je roule avec dans les flaques et sous la pluie et je n'ai aucun problème enfin une trottinette qui résiste à l'eau

Juan Montes

ils l'ont fait

enfin une marque qui propose une trottinette électrique résistant à toutes épreuves! je n'aurai plus besoin de me soucier de rouler sous la pluie ou dans les flaques, c'est décidé ce sera ma prochaine trottinette électrique, je passerai au mois de juin la tester chez vous, à bientôt

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Smolt & Co Z1000 V2

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