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  • If you find cheaper elsewhere you will be refunded the difference! If you find cheaper elsewhere you will be refunded the difference!
  • Express delivery (2-5 business days throughout Europe) and insured in case of theft or loss. Free delivery from 150 € of purchase! Express delivery (2-5 business days throughout Europe) and insured in case of theft or loss. Free delivery from 150 € of purchase!
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  • 1-2 year warranty on all products! 1-2 year warranty on all products!
  • All payments are insured and secure! All payments are insured and secure!

Off-road electric longboard Evo Spirit Switcher V1 of the brand EVO SPIRIT, model 2019

Any terrain or longboard ... With the Switcher, no need to choose!

The switcher is a convertible electric skate, allowing to go from an off-road configuration to a longboard configuration by changing the wheels, without compromising


Longboard wheels or any terrain

The switcher is a convertible electric skateboard allowing to pass in 2 minutes of the configuration with the 83mm / 80A longboard wheels, to the configuration with the 6 inches / 15cm all-terrain wheels.

No need to choose between a longboard electric skateboard or an all terrain electric skateboard, the Switcher does both without compromise!


EIM Motor 350wBi Technology-External Brushless Motor

This new generation electric skateboard is equipped with 2 external motors of 10000w each, with a reinforced belt transmission.

In longboard configuration, the power is simply incredible, and the top speed is 40km / h.

In off-road configuration, the power makes it possible to pass in difficult places requiring a large torque and to reach the maximum speed of 35km / h.


An electric skateboard with flex tray

The flex of the Switcher electric skateboard's 97cm * 28cm bamboo tray provide a real advantage over other electric skates with a rigid plate, especially those with a carbon plate:

In longboard configuration, you will find the true sensations of longboard, ideal for carving and cruising.

In all-terrain configuration, the flex provides real comfort, allowing you to walk the paths, hiking trails ... without the vibrations that go up in the legs.


Puncture-proof tires

Thanks to the EAFT concept (Evo Air Free Technology), the all-terrain wheels are non-inflatable and therefore indestructible and absorb shock perfectly for optimal comfort.

The concept EAFT is to have a rubber tire, with 2 rows of through holes, to have excellent cushioning on bumps, pebbles ...

The size of the tires (6 inches / 15cm), as well as the weight of the skateboard (9.4kg) make that even in off-road configuration, this electric skateboard remains lightweight and easily transportable.

The off-road tires are perfect for strolling without worrying about potholes, chippings ...


Battery 36V / 2.2AH: 79wh.Battery lithium "made in France"

A 36V lithium battery ultra flat, light and discreet team this electric skateboard.

The Switcher electric skateboard can be equipped with lithium batteries of great capacities for a maximum autonomy (8.7A.h and 10.5A.h).

These li-ion batteries are assembled in our partner factory in France, with high quality Samsung cells.

This assembly with a quality BMS (battery control circuit) allows to offer a 2 year warranty, and we are probably the only brand has offered such a long warranty on batteries.

For the 6.6A.h battery, it is made from LG cells.


Autonomy in longboard electric skateboard mode:

- 28km with the battery 10.5A.h (378W.h)

- 23km with the battery 8.7A.h (313W.h)

- 18km with the battery 6.6A.h (238W.h)


Autonomy in all-terrain electric skate mode:

- 22km with the battery 10.5A.h (378W.h)

- 18km with the battery 8.7A.h (313W.h)

- 14km with the battery 6.6A.h (238W.h)


Bluetooth remote control

The ergonomic Bluetooth remote control allows you to control your speed, operate the brake, reverse and choose between 3 different speed modes: fast / medium / slow.

The different speed modes allow you to get used to skateboarding at moderate speeds until you are completely comfortable at top speed!

Four LEDs let you know the level of the skateboard battery.


The hook, the indispensable accessory in any terrain

The hook allows you to wedge the front foot to prevent the foot from moving and modifying your support, or that the foot slips out of the deck of the electric skateboard, and causes a fall.

With the Switcher in all-terrain mode, it is indispensable for a committed ride.

You can also use it in longboard mode if you feel the need.

* Optional accessory.


Battery charger :

As for all electric vehicles such as Segway, electric scooter, hoverboard ... its lithium battery (li-ion) is recharging thanks to the charger 2 Amps provided, and its charging time is between 3h and 5h depending on the battery.


Warranty and easy maintenance:

The warranty is 2 years for skateboards and batteries (except battery LG 6.6Ah: 1 year) More info

Evo-Spirit has designed the Curve V3 electric skateboard in order to facilitate maintenance when needed. Replace the controller or engine is done in minutes.

Specific References

Offered services!

2 maintenances offered (50 € of free maintenance)!

-10% reduction on all wear parts!

-10% discount on the purchase of a new battery!

-10% discount on the purchase of a new charger!

-10% of discount on the purchase of a helmet or a pack of protections of your choice (enter the promo code '10PROTEC' in the basket after adding this article and the protection of your choice)!

We will refund the difference if you find cheaper elsewhere!

Free delivery!

2 years warranty!

Max speed in longboard configuration: 40km / h

Max speed in off-road configuration: 35km / h

Motor: Bi-motor 2 * 1000w external

Autonomy: 22km (with lithium battery 10.5A.h)

Tray: Bamboo 97cm * 28cm with FLEX

Wheel: 90mm - 80A

Charging time: 3H (with 6.6A.h battery)

Weight: 9.4kg

100% tax deductible!

You have a VAT number?

Be aware that VAT is 100% deductible, save 21% thanks to your VAT number by placing the purchase of your electric product (scooter, skateboard, monoroue) at your expense. 

Inquire with your insurer for more information.



We accept payments by eco-checks, in cash in the store and payment by card on the website, valid only on travel products: scooters, monoroues, bikes, skateboard, longboard...!

If you wish to pay by eco-checks on our website then you must buy a voucher of the amount you wish to spend in eco-vouchers and then use this gift voucher on our website to buy any product. 

Head here to buy a gift voucher with your eco-checks payment card: https://www.inrevolta.com/en/accessories-skateboard-longboard/voucher.html


Autonomy and speed of electrical products

Variables according to the weight of the person, the terrain and the weather outside.


Maintenance of electrical products

The maintenance of electrical products is mandatory as for bicycles, motorcycles and cars, to do every 300 km by us, or by yourself.

We offer two maintenances for any electrical product purchased from us, the following maintenance will cost you 25 €.

The interview has half an hour of work and consists of checking the correct tire pressure, screws, check if there is no play, change grip if necessary and finally test it.

Do not neglect the interviews, as a precaution the maintenance must be done every 300km traveled, beyond 700km traveled it becomes dangerous for the used to use it if it has not done any maintenance, because there may be a risk of detachment of parts, everything depends on your usual use of course.


Legislation for electrical products

No need for a license or a license plate.

Any electric object is allowed to drive up to 25 km / h on the road and 6 km / h on the sidewalk.

You are allowed to drive up to 45 km / h maximum on the road with assistance mode only.

We care about your safety, for this purpose we offer you a discount on all our protections (helmet, elbow pads, knee pads) with the purchase of any electrical product.

We prefer you to know in safety than in danger, for your safety and that of others, respect the rules of the road and equip you with a helmet, adequate protections and be visible on the road by wearing a yellow vest .

You are allowed to drive more than 45 km / h on a closed circuit only.

The electrical products that are sold that exceed the speed of 45km / h are mainly intended for users who have a significant weight and who wish to cross steep climbs without difficulty.

All these instructions concern Belgium only, find out about the laws of your country if you live outside Belgium.



Insurance is not mandatory, but strongly recommended in case of accident to make you avoid paying high fees from your pocket!

An average accident can cost you around 3000 euros, a medium injury accident can cost you around 17 000 €.

Go to your insurance to insure your electric product, as a rule all family RC cover you for free up to 25 km / h, if you still want to be covered more than 25 km / h then you will have to pay extra each year to your insurance which is about 50-70 € per year, inquire with her for more information.

Another insurance that may be of interest to you is the one that covers you in case of loss, theft and breakage. Electrical products have a budget, it will only cost you about 10% of the amount of your product to ensure a full year in this type of situation.

All these instructions concern Belgium only, find out about the laws of your country if you live outside Belgium.

The only insurance we offer you is if your parcel is lost or stolen on delivery, then we begin a survey with our parcel shipping service and you are refunded the full amount of your payment or you are sent back express the same product without additional cost.



It is possible to test an electrical product for free in our store before buying it, but please bring your identity card.  



All our products sold comply with the European laws in force.



We select for you only the best brands to ensure the best quality of all our products.

We take care to test all our products before putting them on sale to best meet the requirements of our customers.


After sales service

We have a professional repair shop equipped with the best tools to ensure a fast and efficient repair service.

If you wish to have a maintenance or a repair then you just have to deposit your product in our store or you can directly have it delivered with us, and we will take care of it as soon as possible after the reception, however inform us by mail or by phone, briefly mentioning your desired requirements.

The repair quotation is completely free, however the price of the repair and maintenance varies depending on the product and the repair in question.

We agree to do maintenance and repairs for products that were not purchased from us.



- Delivery time: 2-5 working days.

- Carrier: Dpd, the driver will pass to your home once, if you are absent he will iron a second time, and if you are still absent then they will leave you a notice of passage by asking you to contact them to fix another delivery or leave the package in a relay point near you.

- Destination: to all of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Spain, Norway , Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland

- Free delivery:  For any order over 150 € (except Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Iceland, Romania and Serbia where the order must be greater than 300 €), 100 € extra for parcels over 35 kg, and 200 € extra for parcels over 50kg, customs fees of 150 € extra for Switzerland!

- Insurance: Your order is insured in case of loss or theft, you will be immediately refunded or you will receive a new order at no extra charge if the package is declared as lost or stolen!

- Tracking number: You receive your tracking number automatically by email, you can also track your package in the "my account" section.



All our products are guaranteed for 2 years without exception, except electric scooters, electric skateboards and electric monoroues which are guaranteed 2 years on the parts and 1 year on the battery as well as all the electrical components.

Our electrical products are waterproof on wet roads as well as fine rain, but are not waterproof for puddles and heavy rains.

Definition of a fine rain (drizzle): the drizzle, or drizzle, is a type of precipitation whose drops of water seem to float in the air thanks to their small size (from 0,2 to 0,5 mm) .

In Belgium you can easily find out about rainfall (quantitative rainfall assessment) on the website www.meteo-info.be

All warranties will be void if the expert proves that you have abused in the rain, in puddles or on the roads on which salt has been deposited to melt the snow, as the salt seeping through damages all electrical components.

The only electrical product that we currently have, which ensures you a seal for any type of condition (showers, snow, puddles, except diving into a pool of course) is the Z1000 V2 Smolt and Co.

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Evo Spirit Switcher V1

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