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Electric scooters Hikerboy URBAN TURBO of the brand HIKERBOY

With 18650 high capacity lithium battery, Urban-Turbo allows up to 40 kilometres of travel on a single charge. 

Offering three preset speed modes (eco, normal and sport), with one click on the control panel and drive up to 40 kilometres per hour. 

The unique feature of Urban-Turbo by HIKERBOY is its dual motor design for both speed and safety. Two 500-watt brushless DC motors situated at the front and rear of the vehicle is set to deliver a memorable riding experience. 

Other safety features of this high-speed electric scooter include front and rear 10-inch tires with double suspension and dual braking system (disc brake and regenerative anti-lock braking system) on both sides. 


Has an ABS system to prevent skating during braking

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1 free interview!

10% reduction on all wearing parts!

10% discount on the purchase of a new battery!

10% discount on the purchase of a new charger!

10% reduction on the purchase of a helmet or a protection pack of your choice!

All our electrical products comply with Belgian legislation.

All our electrical products are clamped at 25Km / h and thus comply with the Belgian legislation in force.

Find out about the laws of your country to be in good standing.

We take no responsibility if you unleash your electric machine!

Please read our terms of use carefully for more information.

100% tax deductible!

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Autonomy and speed of electrical products

Variables according to the weight of the person, the terrain and the weather outside.  


Maintenance of electrical products

The maintenance of electrical products is mandatory as for bicycles, motorcycles and cars, to do every 300 km by us, or by yourself.

We offer two maintenances for any electrical product purchased from us, the following maintenance will cost you 25 €.

The interview has half an hour of work and consists of checking the correct tire pressure, screws, check if there is no play, change grip if necessary and finally test it.

Do not neglect the interviews, as a precaution the maintenance must be done every 300km traveled, beyond 700km traveled it becomes dangerous for the used to use it if it has not done any maintenance, because there may be a risk of detachment of parts, everything depends on your usual use of course.


Legislation for electrical products

An electrical product is considered to be a moving device.

If its maximum authorized speed was 18 km / h previously, since 01/06/2019, 25 km / h are legal.

If the driver is traveling at walking pace (i.e. a maximum of 6 km / h), he is simply subject to the rules applicable for pedestrians. On the other hand, from 7 km / h and above, it will then be subject to the regulations which govern the behavior and position of cyclists on public roads.

Remember that to be able to drive a displacement machine:

Wearing a helmet is not compulsory.

You don't need a driver's license.

There is no minimum age.

It is not necessary to take out compulsory insurance.

It does not have to be registered.

Between nightfall and daybreak or in any circumstance that does not allow sufficient visibility of 200 meters, users traveling on the roadway or the cycle path must be equipped with a white or yellow light at the front and red on the back. If they are traveling on the left side of the road, the lights will be reversed.

Regarding the load, the front and rear dimensions cannot exceed 50 centimeters and laterally 30 centimeters.

Finally, since an unmounted vehicle is not a vehicle, it can be parked on the sidewalk.

Source: https://www.police.be/5325/actualites/trottinettes-electriques#:~:text=La%20trottinette%20%C3%A9lectrique%20est%20consid%C3%A9r%C3%A9e,les%2025km % 2Fh% 20sont% 20r% C3% A9glementaires. & Text = Let us remember% 20that% 20pour% 20pouvoir% 20conduire, helmet% 20nis% 20not% 20obligatory.

We care about your safety, for this purpose we offer you a discount on all our protections (helmet, elbow pads, knee pads) with the purchase of any electrical product.

We prefer to know that you are safe than in danger, for your safety and that of others, please respect the highway code and equip yourself with a helmet, adequate protection and be visible on the road by wearing a yellow vest .

All our electrical products are clamped at 25Km / h and thus comply with Belgian legislation, we take no responsibility if you unleash your electrical machine!

All these instructions concern Belgium only, find out about the laws of your country if you live outside Belgium.



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We take care to test all our products before putting them on sale to best meet the requirements of our customers.


After sales service

We have a professional repair shop equipped with the best tools to ensure a fast and efficient repair service.

If you wish to have a maintenance or a repair then you just have to deposit your product in our store or you can directly have it delivered with us, and we will take care of it as soon as possible after the reception, however inform us by mail or by phone, briefly mentioning your desired requirements.

The repair quotation is completely free, however the price of the repair and maintenance varies depending on the product and the repair in question.

We agree to do maintenance and repairs for products that were not purchased from us.



All our products are guaranteed for 2 years.

For electrical products the warranty is 2 years on the mechanics and 1 year on the electrical (display, controller, battery).

Our electrical products are waterproof on wet roads as well as fine rain, but are not waterproof for puddles and heavy rains.

Definition of a fine rain (drizzle): the drizzle, or drizzle, is a type of precipitation whose drops of water seem to float in the air thanks to their small size (from 0,2 to 0,5 mm) .

In Belgium you can easily find out about rainfall (quantitative rainfall assessment) on the website www.meteo-info.be

All warranties will be void if the expert proves that you have abused in the rain, in puddles or on the roads on which salt has been deposited to melt the snow, as the salt seeping through damages all electrical components.



- Delivery time: 2-5 working days.

- Carrier: Dpd/UPS, the driver will pass to your home once, if you are absent he will iron a second time, and if you are still absent then they will leave you a notice of passage by asking you to contact them to fix another delivery or leave the package in a relay point near you.

- Destination: to all of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Spain, Norway , Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Monaco

- Insurance: Your order is insured in case of loss or theft, you will be immediately refunded or you will receive a new order at no extra charge if the package is declared as lost or stolen!

- Tracking number: You receive your tracking number automatically by email, you can also track your package in the "my account" section.

Unfolding size: 1160 X 570 X 1210 mm

Fold size: 1140 X 220 X 470 mm

Net weight: 28 kg

Material: aluminum alloy

Max. load: 120 kg

Max. speed: 40 km/h

Engine power: 500 W each

Motor: brushless DC motor

Grade capacity: 25 degrees

Battery: 18650 lithium battery, 48 V

Battery capacity: 18 Ah

Travel distance: 40 km

Charging time: 8-10 hours

Brake: front and rear disc brake, eABS

Suspensions: with shock absorption, front/rear damper

Tires: 10 inch * 2 (front and rear pneumatic tire)

Display: LCD display with eco, normal and sport modes, plus a USB port

Peter poels

Super step

Ik heb deze step nu 17 maanden en heb er meer dan 1200 km mee gedaan . Ik ben zéér tevreden over deze step. Voldoende kracht ,en net niet te zwaar om op de trein te heffen. Alle lof ook voor de mensen van Inrevolta, zéér vriendelijk en zéér goede service.Echt een aanrader ,zowel de winkel als de step.

Jo Zooz

Au top

Très surpris de la qualité et de l'accélération de la trot pour son prix. Très bon produit, je suis entièrement satisfait de mon achat.


Very powerful e-scooter

- double motors for speed
- ideal for hilly surfaces
- ideal as a commuter vehicle & alternative to cars & public transport: city center policy tends to ban cars

- heavy
- the shape of the desk can be a source of light injuries: sharp corners !


hikerboy turbo

Ik heb zelf met deze step van El gereden en moet zeggen dat hij zeer geschikt is als vervangmiddel voor de fiets. Rijd zeer smooth en je kan makkelijk alle voorkeuren instellen om je trip zo aangenaam mogelijk te maken. Een aanrader.

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jon paeps

hikerboy turbo

ik heb deze step gekocht op aanraden van inrevolta en heb er geen spijt van gehad
afgesteld op 25 km/h behaal je gemakkelijk de 40 km met 2 motoren aan kan ook op 1 motor worden ingesteld
zeer groot koppel en plezier om mee te rijden . laadtijd ong. 8 uur
ideale vervanger voor fiets

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